See you soon Rwanda!

I leave Rwanda feeling empowered and thankful. Thankful for the work I’ve been able to do, and the amazing group of people I have met: from fellows, IWMF members, fixers, drivers and the great HEFAT trainers, Jeff and Cath!

Right now I’m on a flight to Nairobi to join other collaborations in Kenya, and later I will head to Guinea. I don’t think I would have pushed to have all these new projects and plans around Africa if the IWMF hadn’t selected me for this fellowship. Sometimes, you need someone to turn you 180-degrees and show you a new direction! From the window of this plane I see the green hills that characterize Rwanda.

I feel I will need time to process all the layers and moments lived with my “main characters” and Jean Paul, the fixer that has been with me for a great part of this adventure. I’m really thankful for this fellowship because it has provided me the opportunity to believe that the work we do matters. And it’s important we women and/or minority groups keep doing it.

I am thankful because I have reconnected with my journalistic writing and I’ve felt inspired to improve my “normal” photography skills. All of this as I spend my days having fun around Kigali producing what I now master the most; 360-video.

Ok, now this post seems like I’m just saying how great has been the fellowship. But… it’s true.

I’m truly thankful, in the personal and professional level. 🙏 It has been really impressive to see how Rwanda has rebuilt itself. To talk with people and see what they say, and what they don’t say. Good journeys help transform you and I leave with the truly commitment to keep following and understanding what happens in Rwanda and the Great Lakes.

Thank so much for this opportunity and looking forward to what can follow next!

-Clàudia Prat