IWMF Spotlight: Fund for Women Journalists

For nine years, our Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists has been sharing stories that may otherwise have gone untold.
Since 2015, the IWMF’s Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists (FWJ) has advanced the role of women in global journalism. In that time, more than 330 women and nonbinary journalists from 47 countries have received funding from FWJ to pursue professional development opportunities, investigative reporting and media development.

This Women’s History Month, we’re looking back at FWJ stories that uplift the ingenuity, courage and tenacity of women and their communities around the world.


A Long Road to Women’s Suffrage in Saudi Arabia
When women first gained suffrage in Saudi Arabia in 2015, Elizabeth Dickinson shared the myriad obstacles women faced to register and cast their votes.


Cupo femenino: 25 años y una representación estancada
Twenty-five years after Argentina became the first country to enact a gender quota for electoral candidates, Laura Zommer shared the continued challenges to women’s political participation.


Homeless Women Veterans Struggle to Be Seen
With the number of homeless women veterans in the U.S. growing, Lily Casura developed a series on the unique — and often invisible — experiences of women returning from service.


Japan’s Prisons Are a Haven for Elderly Women
Japan’s aging population led Shiho Fukada to investigate a phenomenon of elderly women shoplifting in search of community and stability in prison.


Rebuilding post-genocide Rwanda through women groups
Millicent Mwololo chronicled a Rwandan cooperative training women to make and sell bricks – helping the country rebuild both physically and socioeconomically after genocide.


Sri Lankan Tamil women fight for land a decade after war ends
After the Sri Lankan civil war, Rina Chandran documented the women seeking to reclaim their homes by staging a three-year long protest on ancestral land.


Excluded: How women suffer from digital poverty in the UK
The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the disproportionate number of women without digital literacy or access to computers in the United Kingdom, Amandas Ong found.


In Kashmir, Counter­insurgents’ Widows Fight to Save Their Sons
Reporting from Kashmir, Aliya Bashir shared the efforts women made to protect their sons from extreme and pervasive violence after their husbands were murdered.


How breast milk banks could avert the next formula crisis
Sushma Subramanian explores Brazil’s breast milk donation program and the women organizing, donating to and benefiting from it.