Meet the Fellow: Teresa Cotsirilos

Teresa is a journalist for KYUK Radio in the Bay Area, United States.

“I knew I needed a job where I could combine the three things I love: do something good for the world, meet and talk to people, and write things”, says Teresa. “So I asked myself, where can I combine all three?” The answer to herself was journalism, and so she applied to journalism grad school.

Teresa’s first job as a radio journalist was in Alaska where she reported on criminal justice, “I sort of stumbled upon that job as I was not planning on working from the field”, she adds. For Teresa, working over a year in Alaska was “an important and interesting experience”. It was her first time connecting with the indigenous communities where she learnt a lot from their perspective of the United States. “Its something I will always carry with me as a journalist”, she adds.

Teresa’s experience in Alaska defined her choice on becoming a radio journalist working on the field. Since then, she has focused on migration working in the United States. She is very excited to be reporting as a 2019 IWMF Adelante Cúcuta Fellow as its the first time she will be reporting on migration outside the United States.


Teresa Cotsirilos Head Shot

Credit: Erika Pino