Meet the IWMF Reporting Fellows

The IWMF Reporting Fellows have been settling into Uganda today. We are excited to work with these two accomplished groups over the next 2 weeks. Before they begin their in-country reporting from Rwanda and Uganda, they will be busy completing their cultural and safety training with IWMF in Uganda over the next few days.

The group of Fellows who will be working in Uganda includes Kimberly Adams, a Cairo-based freelance journalist; independent journalist Mansi ChoksiAlexandra Fisher, a reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation; Katie Moore, a US-based freelance photojournalist; May Jeong, a freelance writer based in Kabul; and Wandiswa Ntengento, a South African freelance journalist.

The Fellows who will be reporting from Rwanda next week includes Ryan Lenora Brown, an independent journalist based in Johannesburg; Karen Coates, a US-based journalist; Desirée García, a correspondent for EFE in Sub-Saharan Africa; Cassandra Giraldo, an independent photojournalist based in New York; Irene Noguchi, a producer at the NPR station in San Francisco; and Stephanie Siek, a digital news producer for The Associated Press.