Moving to New York!

The apartment is also a walking distance away from the Empire State Building!

Being the furthest thing from a “light packer” — to my defense, sweaters that can keep you sufficiently warm during New England winters are heavy — I was sort of worried about how I’d haul my stuff from Boston to New York. But I made it (a special thanks goes to the Red Caps at Penn Station who helped me take my bags from the underground platform to street level) and have now arrived in New York City for the second part of my fellowship!

The IWMF have put me up in a super-central location, a walking distance from the New York Times (who gets to WALK to work in NYC?) and in a very interesting institution. Found on West 34th street, Webster Apartments was founded in the early 20th century for young, single professional women who wanted a safe place to stay when first moving to the city. Since the initial investment was tied to the founder of Macy’s department store, some of the first women to stay here were Macy’s shopgirls. I imagine someone like Miriam Maisel from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” staying in the apartment I’m in now and walking to work every day! They still have what are called “beau parlors” or little doorless rooms with a couch and table, where young women could meet with their “gentleman callers” since they were not allowed above the first floor. How retro!