Nerd Pride & Humor: The Harvard Bridge


【Nerd Pride & Humor】The Harvard Bridge between MIT campus (in Cambridge) and Boston is measured by a strange standard– Smoot. In October 1958, Oliver Smoot, a then student who graduated in 1962 repeatedly lay down and got up on the bridge so that his fraternity brothers could use his height to measure the length of the bridge.

And finally the result came out: 364 Smoots +/- 1 ear! ?

Guess what! Now the smoot has joined the angstrom,meter and light year as enduring standards of length. And Smoot himself, became chairman of the American National Standards Institute and then, president of the International Organization for Standardization!

The fun part: 180 smoots, halfway to hell. ???


Oliver Smoot是MIT1962届校友,当年他被兄弟会的兄弟们作弄,要求一次次躺下,用身长让他们计量这座桥的长度。最后结果是:364个Smoot+/-一只耳朵。?