Our Female Fixer

It’s rare for many of us on the trip to have the opportunity to work with fixers in the field. More than just translating, a good fixer can help set up crucial interviews quickly, smooth over cultural confusions, and provide entry points to lesser known pockets of an unfamiliar country. We are lucky enough to be working with four amazing fixers on the #IWMFellows #Rwanda trip, and one of them is a woman – even more of a rarity in a field that requires long hours and uncomfortable situations, and perhaps even more unusual in a country that still retains conservative values on how women should act. But Annie, 23, says she loves the job because it requires her to be flexible and learn to adapt, and she is always learning new things from her clients. She has been integral in helping me tap into Kigali’s budding art scene  and also has a wicket sense of humor – here she is messing around with a comedian I was profiling at Kigali’s weekly comedy night. – Kavitha Surana