Reporting from Kigali and…

Meeting creative and inspiring Rwandans. Isaac Umuhire, 25, is a genocide survivor and visual artist based in Kigali. His artworks are displayed in galleries and also on the city’s streets. In partnership with artists from the Kurema Kurega Kwiga project, he has created colorful murals in some of the Kigali’s low-income neighborhoods.  

Eating delicious food. Pili pili, ugali, fufu…They all add a special flavor to my experience in the city.

Getting to know Rwandan traditions and values. Umuganda, for instance, is a mandatory community service held every last Saturday of the month. Many highlight that the practice’s promotion of social cohesion is more important than the economic benefits to the community.

Exploring the city in great company. In the Kimironko market, we looked for batiks, baskets and all kinds of souvenirs, so we could take home a bit of Rwanda. – Ana