Scenes from an expansive city and its surroundings

Some of the most compelling images I’ve seen in the last two weeks were observed not in Guadalajara itself, but in the majestic, rich and expansive towns surrounding it. Here are a few discoveries:

A distillery worker readies agaves to be roasted in a traditional distillery in the town of Arenal, to the north west of Guadalajara


Horses run wild in a mountain village on the Camino Real, a colonial Spanish road on the trade route to the sea


Pyramids built by the indigenous pre-Columbian Teuchitlán people, a complex society that lived in Jalisco from 300 BCE until they mysteriously disappeared around 900 CE


The cathedral in Tequila, the town for which the drink is named


On the hunt for clandestine mass graves in Tlajomulco, on the southern outskirts of Guadalajara. The brightly painted houses belie a rot beneath

–Boer Deng