This is my notebook

This is my notebook. I bought it just ahead of the trip, and excitedly wrote “Africa 2018 March” on it, with indents for the countries.

See the space I’d left, so that I’d have room for other place, countries, continents – somewhere in China or Europe, or perhaps South America? I won’t be adding any, because my notebook is already filled with quotes, observations and anecdotes.

So many people we’ve met in Uganda and South Sudan have shared their stories and let us peek into their lives, including our wonderful drivers and fixers – Peter and Ronnie in Uganda, and Peter Louis, Marina, Musa, Douglas and Andrew in South Sudan. They’ve shared so much from their own lives, helped me understand their country’s history and culture, and patiently taught me a few new words in Nuer, Bari and Arabic.

Usually, I keep my notebooks for several months. I will retire this one after three weeks.