When a minister sings you a song

Minister of Roads and Bridges Rebecca Joshua (Photo: Jasmin Bauomy)

For a story on colorism, I went along with another fellow to meet South Sudan’s Minister of Roads & Bridges Rebecca Joshua. I had heard from someone else that she has strong views on the practice of skin bleaching – and boy! They were right. Joshua gave an exceptionally passionate interview and upon my question on whether she knew of any poetry or songs that celebrate the darkness of the South Sudanese people, she busted out in song.

When I asked her to tell me more about the song titled “The black soldier” – “الجندي الأسود”, this is what she said:

“We sang that song during the revolution. So, that black soldier, he’s in his country and the country is called Sudan. And the country is named after his color – the black color. Therefore, he’s going to liberate his country, because the country is a rich country. The country has all the agricultural and mineral riches. ‘So how can I be hungry and sick without medicine in this rich country?’

Jasmin Bauomy, South Sudan Reporting Fellow

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